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Improved is free for everyone to use!

We also offer a paid plan for the more serious Improvers (e.g. builders, electricians, music teachers, dog walkers, etc). Please check the comparison below to see which plan is right for you. Improvers can move between the two plans at any time.

It's still early days for us, so until our subscription plans go live, everyone will be on the free plan, but we limit the number of concurrent active jobs to 10 per user. We believe this quota will cover most people's needs, but if you find this quota too restrictive, please contact us.



  • Post jobs
  • Get notified about messages and quotes
  • Build a portfolio of improvements




  • Upload your portfolio
  • Quote and message up to 3 jobs at once
  • Get notified about new jobs in 1 job category


$17 a month

  • Everything in the free tier
  • Unlimited quotes and messages
  • Get notified about new jobs in 3 different job categories
  • Customise your portfolio
  • Select your own Before and After photos
  • Priority notifications when new jobs become available

Support Improved

Kia ora, we're a two person team based in beautiful Wellington, New Zealand. Improved is our passion and we are building it in our spare time. If you've found using Improved useful, would like to contribute to its upkeep, and wish to help it grow, you can do so below. Cheers!


Improved is built with ♡ in Wellington, New Zealand.